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Prices & Conditions
We cut back on everything, except on the quality of our bakery software

One-month trial licenses are free *, and you can request as many trial licenses as you want without any obligation *. With the caveat that with every new trial license the database will be reset. Trial licenses are therefore an excellent way of testing our software before buying it. And even if you then decide that our software is not what you are looking for, you will be much better informed about what you do want.

For most companies, our basic license of 289 per year * will suffice for labelling foodstuffs. This basic license is not limited in the number of PCs on which it may run and it can calculate even the most complex ingredient declarations and nutritional declarations. Furthermore it has; an allergen info point, a user-friendly label design studio, prices can be calculated based on the recipe and the labour time, and recipes can be scaled up or down. So its much more than is probably ever needed for labelling, plus a few things extra that are also very useful and for which you normally pay a lot extra.

In addition to this basic license, there is also the option to add extra functionality to specific PCs within the company. This costs 199 per PC per year for the first PC and 49 for all the subsequent ones. With this extra functionality you can: enter orders, print labels with different company names and production addresses, update a website as well as external hardware (cash registers and such).

Interim adjustments to the license are possible, and the amount will depend on the newly requested functionality as well as the period for which the old license was still valid *. Changes to the contact details of a license are free *.

No extra costs are charged for payments via iDEAL and the license is activated immediately. For payments via a bank transfer 10 administration costs will be charged and the license will only be activated upon receipt of the payment.

Updates and support caused by errors in our software are free *. Furthermore, good ideas and the discovery errors in our software, usually rewarded with a personal explanation of our software by the main programmer. We appreciate feedback from our users. In short, find a bug or a spelling error, and get to know our software down to the last detail.

We also provide free * educational licenses for: schools and their students, universities, food advisers, external support of our software and companies that build links with our software.

If you have requested a non-free license, it will only be activated after payment has been received. You will then immediately be given the option to print the invoice on your own printer.

*We reserve the right to change prices, specifications and conditions in the future. The price is as it is debited from your bank account. You must declare any VAT and import duties that you have to pay to your tax authorities / customs yourself. We do not take any action in this regard. By using our software, and other services provided by us, you agree to complete reciprocity and safeguarding on both sides. You are therefore not legally or financially bound to us in any way, and you are free to do whatever you want. We do expect, but that is not an obligation, cooperation from each other to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Furthermore, our prices are exclusive entitlement for any damage caused by our software, so there is no guarantee. If you want that, then you will have to insure it separately.